About me

Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Web Technologist
Location Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Introduction I'm a 21 year old just looking for a place in this endless picture known as Life. I'm sort of shallow in friends with groups that rival each other, often I have to despise a friend because of the majority vote. I dress the way I do because well I'm looking for difference and unfortunately I've fallen into that social group, The Goths... Well lets see how life plays out. ;)
Interests Love to Play with Colors. Designing has been my passion right from my childhood days and kudos to my my mom who has always been my inspiration to come out with a unique master piece. Anything that has to do with Designs would obviously be my part of interest. Love freaking out with friends, and spend most of time on WWW!
Favorite Movies Much inclined to movies from my favorite celebrities Jim Carry, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, Arnold & Many. Most fav. movies would be MI2, Liar Liar, AMISTAD & much more. Would fill when I have time. Comedy, Action, Thirller, Fantasy & Comics are some genres which I love to watch!
Favorite Music Generic! I listen to music which impresses me. Love to put my ears to A.R.R & currently YSR !! Haris rocks lot! Love listen POP genre more often.
Favorite Books Gosh! Never had these habits, but hopefully would develop soon. If you really wanted to know my fav. it would be Tinkle, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys.. lols! I am a Kid still.. agree ??

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