Jjohnn is rare

About me

Industry Arts
Occupation Actor.
Introduction right now i am looking for the righ, i mean... perfect opportunity to heal my relationship with my dearest friend. i have made many mistakes in my life and yet this is the only one in my life that matters. my only desire. it is enough. it is that important. this place we live, this planet is for.... giving. and forgiving.
Interests photography, theatrical films, anime' and hmmm yes, i admit it, hentai. Italian artists. Love. Italian-American female artists..lol. that live in New York or Connecticut. tightly hugging Italian-American female artists..lol. that live in either state. well one of them. artist, not state.
Favorite Movies V... for Vendetta
Favorite Music right now, lisa palleschi.

what is her name? say your name darling, wont you please?