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Location Pacific Northwest, United States
Introduction Welcome to! As for me, I'm a fifty-something female who likes to read mystery novels. I mostly read traditional and cozy mysteries because I am bothered by excessive violence. I also like traveling and landscape photography. I've always been captivated by outdoor scenery, particularly mountains, lakes and oceans.
Interests I also like watching TV shows on DVD. Here are some of my favorite TV series in no particular order: Laugh-In, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart Show, The Munsters, The Nanny, The Partridge Family, Paper Chase, Kate & Allie, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Rockford Files, Happy Days, The Muppet Show, That Girl, Star Trek Original Series, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, The Gilmore Girls, The Pretender, Perry Mason
Favorite Movies My favorite genre of movie is the romantic comedy but I like lots of different movies. Some of my favorites include Philadelphia Story, Desk Set, Young Frankenstein, Murphey's Romance, Foul Play
Favorite Music I'll listen to just about anything - classical, jazz, pop, rock, country, dance, R&B - except the hard-core stuff like metal and rap.
Favorite Books Mystery books are my favorite! This blog is not intended as a site for book reviews. I may indulge in that from time to time but this is mainly about observations I have regarding the plot and feelings I have toward the characters.