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Industry Law
Occupation attorney
Location DC Metro Area (Maryland), United States
Introduction I'm 36 now, and the clock is most definitely ticking it's fool head off. Started TTC in June 2005. We bought our first home in April 2004, and now it just seem silent and empty and waiting for the family we planned to fill it with. Natural conception (finally!) in March 2006. Miscarriage at 5 weeks. (Oddly, my sister, who was in her second trimester, miscarried only 3 weeks earlier.) More TTC, no luck. Just charting and stressing and a ruined sex life. Started IF treatment in September 2006. So far, nothing but two more lost pregnancies, an ugly scar across my bikini line, a drained bank account, and another year older. Have been facing depression, despair, manic research on adoption, more depression and despair at discovery that adoption seems even harder than trying to make your own baby. Trying to find some hope and joy in life. Maybe in the spring, when the flowers start to bloom? But it almost doesn't matter--depressed or not, broke or flush, I can't stop chasing that elusive baby....
Interests GETTING PREGNANT! Oh wait, there's actually more to me than that. I like gardening, reading quality sci fi, watching The Wire, shopping the bargain rack. I love the Patriots (especially this year) but worship the Red Sox.
Favorite Movies Quality movies: The Graduate, Fargo, Do the Right Thing, Children of Men. Girly movies: Pride and Prejudice (BBC miniseries--Colin Firth is sooo dreamy), Bridget Jones' Diary, Strictly Ballroom
Favorite Music Dylan, Springsteen, Clapton, Mellencamp, Pink Floyd, etc.
Favorite Books Ender's Game (series), Outlander (series), Spenser novels (series), J.D. Robb's "In Death" series, and oh god so many more....

Radio wire is often used to make bird nests. What station do they listen to?

Air America (is it still on the air?)