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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Bellevue, WA, South Korea
Introduction Dan Park (jongyon7192p) /// "...Yup, ponies go to war. Why? Well, because I think it'll be fun...This fandom has a peculiar obsession with putting our favorite pastel equines in situations that they probably would never come across in their universe. Some people find it odd. Others think it's abhorrent. I revel in it...|||...There's a lot of fun to be had at the expense of cute and/or innocent characters. Even more to be had by throwing such characters into unfamiliar situations. We want to see how these characters would react (or at least how we think they would), so we throw everything from videogames to Cthulhu at them..." ~by Mister-Hand
Interests Minecraft, Homestuck, Portal 2, Captain SNES, Slender Man, Paul Robertson, Yugioh Abridged, Extra Credits, BriTANicK, DomFera, Team Avolition, Monty Oum, House of Leaves, Friendship is Magic