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Occupation activist, not by choice
Location any, all, United States
Introduction Harassment overt since 1996.2003 became 24/7,intensity became potentially deadly. Manageable circa 2008.Mother's documented radiation experimentee,MK Ultra related.Destitute,homeless due to being targeted. From Boston where an Ivy League school setting demands that everyone be smarter thus I have survived. Like other TI's ultimate goal of the harassment is suicide or institutionalization. Common 4 MK Ultra survivors.Cover story is I was involved in federal investigation of associates of former friends who are career criminals. However I NEVER RECIEVED A SUBPOENA. If u look carefully when Clinton apologizes for MK Ultra he never touches on mind control experiments. He also laughably talks about being responsible, owning up when caught doing something wrong-years later we see his true mode of operating with Lewinsky scandal. The military/private sector and intel agencies are continuing MK Ultra human experimentation in order to build an NWO. Anyone who's potential threat to that or has too much information on important people is targeted to keep us silent and discredit us.
Interests This blog's purpose is so Targets can learn more quickly from my experience and research and increase the survival rate of Targeted Individuals. I also use this forum for exposure of alot of what goes on day to day in the life of a Targeted person. I hope this website helps you fight this horrible system of oppression.
Favorite Books Dr. Wilson Brian Key's books on subliminals in art and advertising. Highly suggested as a simple starting point for anyone seeking to understand the deceptive nature of our world.

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

Random Question: How many perps does it take to screw in a light bulb...well to do ANYTHING really? More than ONE, always...remember that.