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Introduction Hi and welcome to my page. I started this site to share things that only young Indian mothers like myself go through. You know what I mean- the daily triumphs of instilling culture into your kids, to taking pride in the fact that you were a good "Mother" and got your kids to actually eat all their dhal and roti, to the never ending rub your temple because you are about to explode stresses of managing "the parents". After almost 10 years of marriage and three kids, I definitely have a lot to share. When my husband made this page for me (I hate computers) he thought it would be a great way for me to talk about the hurdles I face each day of being a stay at home mom and to find a sense of sisterhood knowing that I am not alone. You know,like confirm that you are not that bad of a mother and won't ruin your kids life kind a thing. So here goes. While I am defintely NOT a writer (no one would ever confuse me for Hemmingway), I AM a great story teller. What better way to introduce myself and share pieces of me than through my stories because at the end of the day we all need an escape for our own lives, right?