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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation retired
Location Victoria, Australia
Introduction I am an unremarkable person. For many years I worked in one of the caring professions, helping clients access benefits and a measure of natural justice. About 15 years ago my partner walked out, plunging me into depression that eventually lifted but led to a legacy of agoraphobia and panic attacks. I seldom leave my home as a result but, thanks to the Internet, I can stay informed and, from the security of my writing room, can put words together that might just help to make this world of ours a better place.
Interests justice, equality, environment, womens climate issues, vegetarian living, my cat Sparkles, recycling, Christine Milne, Lee Rhianon, organic gardening, brown rice, batik hangings
Favorite Movies It is difficult or me to attend films because of panic attacks in public places, but I dolove "Reds", "Avatar" and "Inconvenient Truth". I also like anything by Michael Moore, especially "Gunning for Columbine."
Favorite Music Holst's "The Planets"
Favorite Books Anything by Barry Commoner, John Pilger, Margo Kingston, Paul McGeough, Tony Kevin, Chomsky, Howard Zinn, HG Wells

If we are not here to make a difference are we here at all?