toward ziran

About me

Location rotterdam, Netherlands
Introduction Lichun Tseng, 1979, is an artist from Taiwan who is living and working in the Netherlands. Her art has deep existential grounds, reflecting upon awareness of being within- and connected to the totality of life. The artist works in classical media like paint and ink, but has extended her creative touch in the spheres of film, video and composite installations.In her work she searches for experiencing the vital dimensions of life, absorbing and partaking in it, grasping its wholeness, in which exploration and reflective contemplation are profound mental drives. Questioning and observing initiates exploration, turning into creative reflection through works of art, in which experience of transience is a key theme. The artist is influenced by Eastern philosophy focused on awareness of- and relation to the constant flux and impermanence of all that is, seeing things as ‘happening by themselves’ in endless interactive spontaneity. She is also teaching Chinese calligraphy and painting in combination with lectures about fundamental concepts in Eastern philosophy and art.