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Location Sweden
Introduction Hello! My name is Puru, or at least I go by that on the internet. I'm a 15year old Swede who likes to play around with UTAU and my friends. I voiced Kimiko, Miki and Dare (in that order). Despite my high-pitched voice, I do actually manage to voice a lot of male UTAUs xD I NEVER use pitch-editing to get a certain voice for UTAU, it's always natural voiceacting. I record with AudaCity and Oremo2.0, using a Plantronics 644 Headset as a microhpone. I like eating créme brulé(or "custard pudding") and nigiri. My favorite soda is probably vanilla coke. I like everyone who is nice! But if you're rude, please don't assume I'll like you. I don't like getting spam either! óxò My favorite flavor is vanilla and/or fudge... my favorite UTAU is Ruko/Teto, and my favorite Vocaloid is Kaai Yuki.