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Location Morden, London, United Kingdom
Introduction I've been interested in the origins of my family name for many years and during a period between jobs had the opportunity to spend time searching through the birth, death and marriage records at the old St. Catherine's House archives in London. With such a rare name I found myself collecting every reference 'just in case' and soon found that I was in a position of being able to identify major family groupings. I soon joined the Guild of One-name Studies, undertaking to collect information on all Yelfs throughout the world. Circumstances change though and although I still enjoy trawling around for Yelf references I'm currently not as active as I was due to work and family commitments. However it is a passion that I fully intend to stoke up again when time permits. In the meantime I am hoping that this blog might prove of interest to those chasing up their Yelf connections or other Yelfs keen to explore their own branch of the tree. I don't believe that a blog is the place to publish all the trees or records that have been assembled over the years but it might be just the place for all those odd snippets that turn up now and then that call out for a closer look!