About me

Gender Female
Location Saskatchewan, Canada
Introduction I'm a female (duh), 18, I have dark brown long curly/frizzy/thick hair, hazel eyes that look more green at times, I'm 5'6', freckles on my nose and cheeks, pear shaped body type? Umm.. I love to listen and make others smile, I like to help people salve their problems, I love my family and friends (the few I have but who needs LOTS of friends?). My family and friends tend to think of me as a "stronge" person who can get through anything but I'm pretty sensitive at times.. I've been rescently heart broken (Fiance ended engagement due to the fact he wasn't ready or something RETARDED like that. Men.) and I'm just trying to live my life for me right now :) annnd I'm pretty much awesome.
Interests Art, Music, Singing, Writing, Reading, Photography, Travelling, Family, Friends, My Kitty :)
Favorite Movies The Lion King(s), Titanic, Forrest Gump, Alien(s), Jurassic Park(s), Due Date, Get Him To The Greek, Yeaaah.. I'm a pretty huge movie buff.
Favorite Music Anything and everything but not so much of country and techno... But other then that I love everything, litterly.
Favorite Books The Host, Scribbler of Dreams, The Old Man and The Sea, Glass Castle, If I Stay, The Twilight Series (before everyone went co-co for them..), Fallen..