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Occupation Israel -- lol, no really I'm unemployed!
Location West Bank - Palestine
Introduction I am an eternal student, I love to learn new things and if I don't learn something new everyday, then that day was a waste. I love all people, I don't think I have a predijuce bone in my entire body. I don't HATE people but sometimes I HATE what they do. I also love fashion, make-up and shopping!
Interests All of the fine arts, music, cinema, theater, reading, and web design!
Favorite Movies Circle of friends, stand by me, Double Indemnity, Shawshank Redemption, Gilda, Little Women, Sixth Sense, Devils Advocate
Favorite Music The old Britney Spears!, Madonna, Christina Agulera, Kylie Minogue
Favorite Books Orientalism by Edward Said, The Zen & Art of Motorcycle Maintnance