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Introduction I'm always feeling guilty about something.

Ok, so being female and Jewish doesn’t help my predisposition to feeling bad, but I'm sure my guilty conscience has got heavier since I had my two children.

I'm currently a full-time mum of a one and a three year old, who I love more than anything, but who, if I’m honest, drive me completely bonkers.

They take it in turns to wake me up at ridiculous o'clock, they regularly reject my lovingly homemade dinners in favour of a banana and they think I have nothing better to do than scour the floor for discarded Play Doh.

They don't give a monkeys that before they were born, I was a full-time journalist, who despite loving her job, relied on recharging her batteries with a Sunday lie-in, followed by a run on the treadmill at the gym, in front of the Hollyoaks Omnibus.

So I'm thinking that if I start writing again, maybe I'll feel more like the old me and I'll have a little more patience with my kids. (I'll just have to deal with the expired gym membership and the round-the-clock Cbeebies at a later date.)

Typical - now I feel guilty for complaining...