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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Patient Advocate
Introduction The Alliance for Safety Awareness for Patients (ASAP) is an organization formed by Alicia Cole and her parents Ronald & Betty Cole. Alicia is a Survivor of Necrotizing Fasciitis which she contracted following a routine procedure in August 2006. During the two month hospital stay, Alicia vowed that if her life was spared, she would dedicate herself to the fight against preventable hospital infections. While still healing from her six surgeries she began to educate others via emails and websites. As her health improves she continues to increase her efforts by sharing with other Survivors of NF and promoting public awareness of the epidemic of dangerous staph infections including Sepsis, VRE, C-diff and MRSA which today accounts for more than 60 percent of all hospital acquired infections. The Alliance for Safety Awareness for Patients working with established advocacy groups, healthcare providers and legislators strives to stop the spread of preventable hospital-acquired infections by empowering the public to make informed decisions, hold their health care providers accountable and become proactive participants in their own healthcare.
Favorite Movies Erin Brockovich, The Firm, Norma Rae, Braveheart
Favorite Books Natural Cures-They Don't Want You To Know About, How to Get the Health Care You Want, The Malpractice Myth, ER:Enter At Your Own Risk, Surviving the "Flesh-eating Bacteria", We Plan-God Laughs, Taking A Stand