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Industry Marketing
Occupation Internet Marketing Geek
Location Littleton, Colorado, United States
Introduction Who am I? I'm creative. Chaotic. One of those scary artistic people who's always thinking. I tend to be waaaayy restless (as evidenced by how many times I've moved in the last 15 years). I can be a chatterbox. And painfully, painfully shy. I've been told I'm a bit of an enigma. I'm alright with that. I like having an air of mystery about me. After all, mysterious women are really quite cool.
Interests Photography, art, music, sitting on the beach with a fab book.
Favorite Movies Iron Man, The Holiday, Catch and Release, Love Actually, Trainspotting, Walk Hard, Marie Antoinette, V for Vendetta, You've Got Mail, Sense and Sensibility, The Joy Luck Club, The Matrix, Superbad
Favorite Music A little bit of everything. Favorites are Social Distortion, The Killers, Sisters of Mercy, The Fixx, Annie Lennox, and Tim McGraw. Weird combo I know. I also have a healthy appreciation for hip-hop. If you have XM Radio, check out Channel 65 sometime. You'll thank me later.
Favorite Books Murder mysteries, poetry collections, memoirs, anything historical.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

Shut my eyes, pinch my nose, open up and pour it straight down my throat.