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Industry Arts
Occupation Artist, Dramatist, Amateur Photographer, Author, Soloist, Musician
Location Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States
Introduction My mother, Author Eva Gibson, says,"Everybody loves a story." These are the untold stories hidden behind each piece of my artwork. Some are whimsical or sad, others funny. There are stories rooted in science fiction and fairytales--some classical, others born from my imagination. Many pieces reflect my love for the Creator. Often, hidden behind my art, are stories from real life experiences. Indeed, over the years I've discovered the old saying is true. "Truth IS often stranger than fiction."
Interests acrylics, agates, ambidextrous, ancient cultures, angels, animals, anything vintage, archeaology, art, artist, Australia, bare foot, beads, beauty, believer, Bible, birds, blogger, BLN, BLN Art, Bohemian, books, bubbles, bugs, cats, Celtic, Christmas, cloud art, cloud painting, clouds, cooking, costume jewelry, dogs, drama, drawing, dwarves, Eagles, Easter, eccentric, eclectic, elves, ephemera, eternity, faeries, fairies, fairy, fairytale, fairytales, faery, Flag Day, flowers, forest, Fourth of July, free spirit, gardening, glitter, God, gold fish, graphite, guitar, Hawaii, herbs, history, historic, historical, imagination, imagine, Ireland, laughing, laughter, Jewelry, Lincoln Versailles, lineart, making jewelry, mermaids, music, Native American, nature, New York, notebooks, novels, ocean, Oregon, organic painting, paint brushes, painting, pen and ink, pencils, people, photography, plants, poetry, postcards, praise, Prismacolor, quirky, rain, reading, reflections, rock collecting, ruins, sea, sewing, sketchbook, songbirds, sparkles, snow, snowflakes, speaking, spirituality, stories, story teller, sunflowers, Thanksgiving, The Lord, thrift junkie, trees, troubadour, vintage cards, vintage cards, vintage movies, watercolor, woods, words, writing

The first time you had your shoes taken off - how surprised were you to see that you still had toes?

I can't stand shoes, I'm a barefoot girl--when I kick my shoes off, I am always happy to notice I still have toes...