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Location Cornfield, IN, United States
Introduction A.J. Bass was born and raised in the mostly fine state of Indiana. That’s not a knock on her home either; it’s just that no place is perfect. But, still, it’s nice enough that she and her family continue to reside there today. A.J. got her start in writing when she was in junior high, creating terrible, embarrassing fanfiction that has never and will never see the light of day. In high school, her writing became less terrible, but still remained between herself and her notebooks, and resides (along with the really bad stuff) in a box in her closet labeled “To Be Incinerated Upon My Death.” By the time she turned thirty, her writing was at long last deemed fit for general consumption and that was that. When she’s not writing, A.J. likes wandering around graveyards and watching scary movies but doesn’t actually believe in ghosts— which comes as a major disappointment to the one who lives in her basement. On warm evenings, she can usually be found outside with her husband, grilling dinner, or walking the neighborhood with her two children looking for random cats to pet; never mind she has two perfectly good cats of her own to pet, already.
Interests Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Naginata, Toys, Bourbon, Cats, More Cats, Writing, Bad Movies, Anime, Star Wars, Mega Man, Succulents