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Industry Student
Occupation PhD Student
Location Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom
Introduction S'mae! Welcome to the focused rambling that is my blog. I originally started this as a big 'letter home' to whoever wanted to know what I was up to (namely my mom and dad...), then it became a requirement for my PhD (so my department could see what I was up to), and now its merged into this thing for school but also a great forum to figure some things out in my work which is studying adaptations of popular works from book to film, to video game, to merchandise etc. I can report on what I'm learning/experiencing/seeing, reflect on it, and see how it affects other aspects of my studies. I'm back in Wales now, teaching, researching, and blogging. I don't know what the end goal is for this PhD, because I'm enjoying and exploring all of the possibilities. I'm learning more each day about what I am and will be capable of, and every opportunity is very exciting. I'm hoping to have an internship/assistant position on a film set next year observing and recording, but also having my work hopefully help the adaptation process. I want to learn by doing as much as possible.
Interests Interests? Travel, being in or on water, rowing, riding, reading, writing, movies (kind of obsessed), music (everything from Mozart to Billy Joel to Ben Folds), kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming... the list goes on. I try to get the most of life and enjoy all of the little experiences that come my way.
Favorite Movies That's like asking a parent to pick their favorite child... not fair. I'm slightly obsessed with films and I think I'm on my way to an intervention... Obviously fantasy is a big fave... but I have about 400 dvds... its just not possible to choose!
Favorite Music Right now I'm addicted to 'Your Guardian Angel' by RJA, Muse, Blue October, Indigo Girls, Rusted Root, Matchbox Romance, Linkin Park, Dar Williams, Arcade Fire... there's a ton
Favorite Books So, so many... seriously. I started as a literature major (did my MA in English) and now I'm in film... so refer back to my answer for films. There are just too many!