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Introduction Shawn...geologist (this means he gets to play with rocks and go on field trips for a living, incredible husband, fantastic dad, lover of the outdoors, puts up with me!) Tara...wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend (I clean, I bake, I vinyl, I entertain & try to sneak in some playtime when no one is looking, love concerts, basketball, massages, nascar races & dancing) Kailee... driver, singer, piano player, actress, big sister extrordinaire, babysitter, friend, college student, hard worker) Austin...senior, employed!! (all knowing, all powerful{he thinks}, smart as a whip, aca-dec nerd, fun big brother, loyal, respectful, helpful always) Tyson...8th grader...Jr. High Student! (chef extraordinaire, charmer, snake expert, laid back, lovable, crafter, piano player, sense of humor like no other) Kyler...6th grader (goofball, smartie pants, fun loving, giggles at anything & everything, basketball junkie, video game player, reader, basketball player) Bella...the dog (mellow, loyal to her ball, obedient, crazy swimmer, licker, friendly, can be bribed with treats especially popcorn)