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Introduction In April 2008 (aged 46) I was around 50lb overweight, was suffering many minor ailments and possibly was pre-diabetic. I had tried many different diets, all ultimately failed miserably, so I decided to conduct my own research into what we should eat to achieve optimal health. Firstly I qualified as a diet and nutrition advisor and since have trawled through hundreds of scientific papers, have read dozens of books and spent probably a couple of thousand hours on the subject of what constitutes a healthy diet. I am now around my optimal weight, all my minor and major ailments have disappeared. I have boundless energy, have a contended happy outlook on life and feel fitter now than at any time in my adult life. This blog is all about giving you evidence mainly from scientific papers about diet and health. You will be able to access information that doctors and dieticians have never heard of. There is a lot of confusing nonsense in the media about diet and health which has led to many diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer becoming an epidemic and many others conditions increasing significantly. I hope this blog may help you on your quest to health.