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Introduction Filberthockey is an InterNut. Important events in the history of Filbert Hockey:
- born ca. January 8, 1975, (this claim is apocryphal and has not been substantiated) the same day as Tift Merritt.
- August 22, the Feast of Saint Filibert, which marks the ripening of the filbert.
- Rocky Gibraltar wins first world filbert championship, Atlanta, August 22, 1975 (see "Great Speckled Bird")
- A bicentennial novel, "Filbert Hockey," written by Tad Smith in 1976.
- Filbert Hockey Rule Book published in 1983; game sales reach peak at 224.
- entered into and stricken from Wikipedia in 2006.
1) Rule #1: "No guns allowed."
2) The periods of play in a Filbert Hockey contest are called "sides," and are marked by the playing of one side of a 33.3333333333... (vinyl) record album. When the music stops, the side is over.
3) The goals in Filbert Hockey are plastic 35-mm film canisters.
You will surmise that in its original incarnation Filbert Hockey, designed as an environmentally friendly sport in that it recycled used film canisters, was doomed by the forward march of technology.