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Industry Tourism
Occupation Nanny.
Location Los Angeles, Ca, United States
Introduction My name is Shelby Jean. I live in L.A. and I LOVE it! I am 21 years old. I live to show God through my actions. I want to be a better person every single day and usually I come up just a bit short, but that doesn't stop me. I am awkwardly shy but most people would never know because I hide it by being overly outgoing, interesting right? I love pictures, and have zillions of them everywhere. I tend to say things I probably shouldn't at the worst times, eh, nobody is perfect. I say I love everyone but in reality who really does? I say it but I strive every day to really do it! That is one of my goals. I love children and if I could have my dreams come true I would own an orphanage in Jordan, or really anywhere overseas. Laughing is medicine for me and trust me it's really easy to make me laugh. =D
Interests Church, kids, family, friends, and lots of sunshine, laughter, and LOVE, being random, beach, arnold palmer, dreadlocks, dance parties, snuggle time.
Favorite Movies Invisible Children, HARRY POTTER, Twilight, anchorman, 50 first dates, 300, juno, the princess bride, soo soo many more!
Favorite Music Pretty much any country artist. JOHN MAYER, ROLLING STONES, TOM PETTY, BEN HARPER, BRETT DENNEN, OneRepublic, Jack Johnson, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, guns n roses, Sublime, Alanis Morissette, Beatles, Beach Boys, Colbie Caillat...and man theres many more!
Favorite Books Bible, (James, 1Thessalonians, Ephesians, and Phillipians are a few of my fav.) harry potter, veil of roses, grace eventually.