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Gender Male
Location South Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Introduction I am a maintenance worker and part time student. I really don't like giving money to Marxist institutions in order to get certified as knowledgeable. It was Socrates who said he knew more than anyone else, because he at least knew that he knew nothing. Sometimes I'm not even sure of that. Instead of expensive colleges we should just get brain scans proving we have the capacity to learn our profession. Then you could be apprenticed to your employer in any professional career, cutting out the Government middle man. Academies and institutions of scientific research would still remain, but they would need patronage and profitability. The University of Minnesota exists partially outside of Minnesota law due to an ancient point in the Minnesota state constitution Therefore us, as citizens of Minnesota, are not equal to a particular institution in the eyes of the law.
Interests I am interested in history, hunting, politics geography and writing.
Favorite Movies Apocalypse Now, Dr. Strangelove, The Birth of a Nation, Blade Runner, Grizzly Man, Braveheart, Fight Club, just about any Clinter except "Paint Your Wagon" and Patrick Swayze's three greatest works: Red Dawn, Steel Dawn, and Road House
Favorite Books Rhinegold, The Chronicles of Amber, the Foundation Trilogy