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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Software Architect
Location New Market, Alabama, United States
Introduction I'm an experienced software developer that has spent my entire career in the aerospace and defense industry. I'm an ardent proponent of software development tools and techniques that aid the efficient production of high quality code. I've also watched a lot of technology fads come and go, so I'm seriously skeptical of whatever latest "this changes everything" is being hyped.
In the last couple years my interest has been piqued in some decidedly non-software areas of interest. I created a web comic, "Dmitry Ronkonkama, Time Traveling Avatar", created some art pieces--which I'll post pictures of from time to time, and am trying my hand at writing some fiction. That will also be periodically inflicted on any readers of this blog.
I've taken the encouragement of Wil Wheaton, Seth Godin, and Richard Feynman seriously: "Make something! Create art! Who Cares What Other People Think?"