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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Mountebank
Location Umbrage Island, Manitou Province, Canada
Introduction "The power of pseudonymity is one of the great gifts of the Internet and is one of the great self-corrective mechanisms of a Democracy. Lose it and free speech on the Internet will be dialed down to a barely audible mumble." --David Holtzman
"I don't care how many hits your shitty blog gets a month. Fuck Google Analytics. And besides, bloggers aren't real writers. Sorry, I just don't respect you." -- Anonymous
Tales of Radio Paranoia banner uses Paranoid Rabbit font.
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Interests Audio anarchy. Satire, parody, pranks, trolling, dime novels, penny dreadfuls, yellow journals
Favorite Movies The Invisible Man
Favorite Music Anything mashed up cut up or deconstructed.
Favorite Books The Man Who Laughs