About me

Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Creative director - Morphee Creative
Location bowdoinham, maine, United States
Introduction Third culture kid anchored in Maine, I'm a hedonist when it comes to food. I love it as fresh as possible, and countryhopping throughout my life has brought a love of gustatory exploration. i garden, grow and collect herbs and spices, and cook. I like to cook like I paint: considering textural aspects, the negative spaces between flavors and how each one will define the next, building a flavourfully interconnected piece so that everything is harmonious, yet suprising. The life here is fairly simple: eating year round from the garden and chickens, as well as bartering for ingredients like milk or meat (we produce about 50% of our own food). I work from home, doing design and creative strategy work for local small businesses, deepening a budding connection to community. And I get to paint and draw and read and think interesting thoughts throughout: fabulous!
Interests history of food and culture, Maine-grown food, regional specialities and varietals, gardening, gluten-free cooking, canoeing, sewing, painting, photography, drawing, bike riding, hiking, graphic design, fine art, writing