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Industry Education
Occupation Mom, Middle School Counselor
Location United States
Introduction I am the proud (and exhausted) mother of two sons born just over 12 months apart, a passionate middle school counselor, and a wine-loving, free-thinking, karaoke-loving, menopausal insomniac. I have a teeny little house that is in a constant state of semi-organized chaos, an incredibly patient, understanding (and messy) husband, and a life that is often frustrating, frequently mystifying (as in, "Is this really my life? How did I get here?"), and ultimately pretty happy, overall.
Interests Pretty much anything that gets me out in the fresh air. Oh, yeah. And too much nighttime brain-candy T.V. after the kids go to bed, like "Supernatural" and "Dexter" and "Doctor Who." Oh, and singing. Loudly. As often as possible. And sleep. I am very interested in sleep, because I don't get a lot of it.
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, the original Star Wars trilogy (you know -- the old ones from the 70's when Harrison Ford was seriously HOT!), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Rent, Mamma Mia (are you seeing a theme here?), and anything with Hugh Jackman in it. (Anything, but preferably movies where he's not wearing a shirt.) Also, anything with Meryl Streep. Meryl is a Goddess! I want her to come over and drink wine with me.
Favorite Music Stuff from the 80's, mostly. Billy Joel, Elton John, Erasure, classic AC/DC, throw in a little country, and my all-time favorite -- Jimmy Buffett. Yes, I am a proud Parrothead!
Favorite Books Battlefield Earth (don't judge the book by the horrendous movie), Watership Down, The Kite Runner, Couplehood, anything by Stephen King, plus cheesy thrillers of the Michael Crichton variety.

What happened to good manners? Where did they go?