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Introduction In my early 30's but feel like I'm at least in my mid-40's. Trying to find a new outlook on life. Hubby and I have been married ten years now. I was married for about a year the first time and we parted ways amiably without kids. The husband, we'll call him Norm (short for normal) and the ex, we'll call her Sybil (for a few different reasons) split when she left him for someone with more money, taking the girls with her (physically, emotionally and essentially custodially.) The girls are now 14 -we'll call her Mini-Norm (MN for short) and 17 -we'll call her Mini-Sybil (MS for short.) Norm and I have a son who is 7, who's a healthy combination of Norm and I so we'll call him Normonster :-) (Norster for short) Needless to say I have entered the dark ages of step-hell as MN & MS are now teenagers. We have not seen the girls in almost a year as Sybil has successfully alienated them from us but the court battles continue. I am keeping the title Stepmonster at least until I no longer have to deal with anything since each day I have to deal with this, is possibly one of the worst days of my life.