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Introduction Many pastors and academics define this generation as the most illiterate in recent history. Not, however, because of child reading rates, SAT scores, 1337 $p3/\|<, or even texting. No, this generation is deserving of this label because we refuse to think deeply. On the whole, our knowledge of the Bible and passion for reading are far inferior to previous generations, and we have received challenges from pastors, theologians, and teachers to change.

That's what this blog is about. Three guys who heard the challenge and are committing to pursue it. Nick, Shane, and I don't claim to possess any great insight, but we want to use this blog as a commitment to think deeply about what we're reading.

So whether you're pursuing the same challenge, or are just interested in seeing how it develops, you're welcome to come along. I will however give you the same challenge we've been given time and time again. Let's spend time reading, let's think deeply, and let's build bookcases that will serve as foundations for our lives.

- Jeremy, Building Bookcases writer