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Location ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Introduction A craft maniac, multi faceted, aggressive lady ready to get angry at all those goddamn bad designs on the internet. Powered by hate.
Interests ok, i edited all of these, but only one saved, so im not going to bother to type it all out again.
Favorite Movies Do I really have to list all these? I'll list my top like... 5. 1) Full Metal Jacket 2) Drive 3) Terminator 2 4) Romeo and Juliet (Baz Lerhman interpretation 5) I don't fucking know... like, all the rest of the movies I like. Shit. Why does this need a list?
Favorite Music I don't care what genre it's in, as long as its decent music. Except indie garbage. Fuck banjos. And accordions.

How many wood chucks would a wood chuck chuck, if the instructions were terribly written on pinterest or an obscure blog with no pictures?