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Gender MALE
Occupation retired doctor, public and community health focus
Location Briisbane, Queensland, Australia
Introduction My story is that of thousands of men with advanced hormone-refractory prostate cancer. My cancer had invaded surrounding structures. Radical prostatectomy and radiotherapy failed to clear it all. “Hormone” treatment kept the regrowth of my cancer at bay. Now, tests show regrowth. Like others I await signs of spread to my bones. I am campaigning for men who are unfairly excluded from receiving the new drug Abiraterone on the PBS (private scripts cost $3,300 per month). The beauty of Abiraterone is that it shrinks the cancer, delays secondaries and resulting cancer pain. It also postpones the need for "chemo" and its side-effects. We could live a lot longer except for government "rules" that exclude us in order to minimize costs. (see references in my Blog). To qualify for this drug we are made wait until cancer is in the bones and chemo has failed. This just condemns us to die before we cost too much. Me, I have seven children and much to live for. Grandchildren are arriving (a bit belatedly). I have a beautiful healthy wife. I am still fit and active and symptom-free. I and men like me could live longer if my petition succeeds (to support my APPEAL, see PETITION link in my blog)
Interests my growing family, prostate cancer, men's health, women's health, advances in cancer research, public health, community medicine, aboriginal health, preventive medicine, tropical medicine, mental health, homelessness, the third world, human equality, the world, aircraft and advances in aviation