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Location Container Ship, Port Newark, Earth, United States
Introduction A fish with opposing outer planets conjunct Virgo. Yuck.
Interests contradiction, globalization, modern cultures, science fact and fiction, astronomy, astrology, visual art of the 20th & 21st centuries, creative thinking, applying knowledge to real world situations, combining visual art and applied anthropology, consumer behavior, Marshall McLuhan, David Rushkoff, thinking outside stifling boxes.
Favorite Movies the crow, 2001, the matrix trilogy, solaris (russian), i love huckabees, network, star wars [all 6], jerry maguire, last temptation of christ, cowboy bebop, finding nemo, godzilla, star trek (next gen), the fifth element, v for vendetta, the manchurian candidate (1962), man with a horn, art of the western world
Favorite Music nirvana, lauren hill, the cure, monastic chants, peter gabriel, NIN, smashing pumpkins, zwan, talking heads, madonna, tool, incubus, doves, muse, cranberrys, delerium, zen flute meditations, hindu ragas, rage against the machine, charlie parker, thievery corporation
Favorite Books atlas shrugged (ayn rand), earth (david brin), beyond the blue event horizon (fredrick pohl), a spirituality named compassion (mathew fox), imitation of christ, the forever war, the interpretation of cultures, ways of seeing, art and visual perception: a psychology of the creative eye, to your scattered bodies go, the good heart

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

i think gift certificates to a tasty sushi bar would be a more thoughtful gift.