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Location "If a man is bored of London, he is bored of life" - Samuel Johnson
Introduction Craig is a retired superhero with a very particular set of skills, an obsessive hobbyist, comics fan, gadget lover & flâneur who knows an unhealthy amount about Ian Fleming's James Bond and spends an even unhealthier amount of time in Call of Duty's Verdansk (honing those aforementioned skills). Craig has a specific interested in the immersive film experience, auteurism, diegetic sound, mimesis, diegetics, memetics, semiotics, propaganda, creative genesis, symbolism, tropes and New Hopes. When not watching or making films he takes pictures, eats, drinks, spelunks, bass jumps, scuba dives and tries to connect to nature whilst mentally storyboarding the greatest film ever made. He also sometimes utilises owl-themed gadgets to fight crime when they pull him back in.