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Location Beautiful Idaho, United States
Introduction Well.. "My life has a superb cast ~ but I can't figure out the plot." THE POINT OF THIS BLOG: Is there a point? Oh...just a daily (I hope daily) dose of the insanity cursing thru my mind at the moment. I am a wife, a mom to one amazing young girl, a homeschool teacher, an animal lover. I majored in "Equine Science" in college - that's the study of horses. I LOVE horses!! My little family rocks. I love coffee way too much. I am artistic, which means the "normal" side of my brain doesn't work so good! I am a general mess; my husband has called me "a big hot steamin' bowl o' crazy". I choose to acknowledge only "hot"
Interests Animals, pets, dogs, cats, rats, horses, family, homeschooling, espresso, travel, moving, reading, painting, drawing, decorating, crafting

Your pajamas have duckies on them. Why did you switch from choo-choos?

... 'cause my life is just so ducky??