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Introduction I am first and foremost a child of the one and only true God. Next, I am a wife and mother. I am nature personified. My favorite season of the year is the one I am currently living in. As long as I am able to worship my God, I am happy. I find peace in trees, clouds, wind, rain, snow, ice, rivers, hills, lakes, mountains, rainbows, sunshine, moonlight, animals, birds, soil,and all the rest of the gorgeous things my Creator has given me to enjoy. Please note: All photographs are copyrighted RedMelD Also: All words highlighted in blue are hyperlinks. These will take you to a webpage that explains the word. I am not responsible for any of those links and encourage you to research these terms more if you are unfamiliar with them.
Interests Photography Books Music Chocolate HRCC Interior design with a STRONG green influence Camping Hiking Fishing Anything outdoors Spending time with family and friends Art Dancing Writing Rain Sun Rainbows Butterflies Summer Spring Fall Eating low fat desserts so I can have twice as much .....the list goes on and on. Basically I passionately enjoy life and love to find the joy of it everyday!
Favorite Movies Those that make you realize that you are capable of leaping buildings in a single bound!Some favorites are: Last of the Dogmen FireProof Facing the Giants Flywheel The Love Bug Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Up Mary Poppins 50 First Dates Willie Wonka (with Gene Wilder) anything with Jimmy Stewart (I LOVE HIM) Jessica Tandy and Katherine Hepburn movies I don't keep up with the newer movies but am always up for a good movie
Favorite Music Although I've always loved music, only recently have I truly experienced music as God designed it to be. I have found that through music I can worship God in a way unknown to me previously. It is, by far, an enlightening experience and one I hope every human being will one day experience.
Favorite Books The Bible The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom (you MUST read) Left Behind Anything of Asimov (my favorite since 2nd grade) Especially The Ugly Little Boy and Nightfall Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (I can relate to Heathcliff) Songmaster by Orson Scott Card (how to find joy from agony) Rissa by F.M. Busby (survivors) I could go on and on. My love of books is in my blood many generations strong and only grows each year. On a side note when I was young I read a book about a race that was destroyed in war by a those from Earth. One of the soldiers brought home a small boy he found. The boy was required to eat certain foods to keep his hair coloring and skin complexion to stay the sae as those from Earth. He did not know his heritage until his father left for some time and the boy did not follow his diet. There was a dragon in the book as well. I have not been able to find this book. I do not know the title nor the author. Please if you know this book......tell me! I was very young when I read it but remember how much I loved it and how I read it several times before returning it to the school library!