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Location Utah, United States
Introduction As a child I often imagined that I had magical powers like super strength or the ability to fly. Other times would pretend I had rich relatives somewhere who would swoop in and turn my life into a fairytale. In the meantime I spent my time with a very normal loving family in a very normal small mid-west town. I survived high school (go KV Tigers) during the “big hair” eighties, which my children think is hilarious, and spent my time reading, shooting hoops, playing the violin, spending time with friends, and studying. When I grew up I got whisked off to a beautiful castle by a handsome prince to find the fairytale life I’d always looked for. I still spend my time reading, shooting hoops, playing the violin, and spending time with friends; along with writing, trying not to do housework, and teaching my children to live their dreams.
Interests Music, books, sports
Favorite Books Pride and Prejudice Twilight The Princess Academy Harry Potter (7) The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe