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Introduction About me, well, I'm a student, a techgeek and an automobile enthusiast all bundled into one frame oh and yes,love to blog and surf the net!. Now about Gedi Junction. Gedi Junction is an auto blog updated DAILY. Your one stop destination for all the latest automobile info you need. Gedi Junction was started (on 12th July, 2009) to cater the readers about the various news, product launches, reviews, videos and photos from primarily the Indian Subcontinent. Because I felt that there are already many websites, blogs covering the US, European automotive industry etc. (and that is more justified because they have numerous launches and vehicles every month, if not every week). and there were much less websites for Indian auto enthusiasts. But that definitely Does NOT mean that we'll not be covering automotive news from world over. We'll be doing that but not as extensively as local content. (= If you have anything to say, drop me a mail at gedijunction[at]gmail[dot]com Stay Tuned, Ride Safe ;)