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Gender MALE
Location Beirut, Lebanon
Introduction (b. 1967) is a Dutch journalist, partly based in Beirut, Lebanon and in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is the Arab World correspondent for the GPD newspaper group (www.gpd.nl) from Holland. After his Journalism study, he worked for a leftwing Dutch daily, De Waarheid. During the early '90s he started crisis reporting - Croatia, Gulf War, Lebanon. In 1993 he became the Zagreb, Croatia, based former-Yugoslavia correspondent for a Dutch newspaper. In 1994 he moved to the Bosnian captial Sarajevo where he was based until 1997. After a six month stay in Sydney, Australia, he moved in 1998 to Kosovo's capital Pristina to cover the war for GPD-newspapers and NOS-radio/tv. In 2000 he was appointed the New Delhi based South Asia correspondent for GPD and NOS. Immediately after September 11 he moved to the Pakistani capital Islamabad. In October 2004 he was appointed Arab World correspondent for GPD newspapers, based in Beirut, Lebanon. He devides his time between Beirut and Islamabad. A man of many passions, he loves horse back riding, skiing, politics, cars, writing, gems, south Asian jewelry, gadgets, carpets, maps, Bosnia and Thai food. He is the proud owner of a horse and two cats.