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Gender Female
Location Johnson, VT, United States
Introduction I'm on the south side of my twenties, recently married, and recently a homeowner. Between working a full-time job, running our home, and taking care of our pets and farm animals life gets pretty hectic but it keeps me busy which is great.

I like to buy local, eat organic, and spread the word about topics that matter. I'm just trying to be a responsible person sharing this big drop of water we live on.

I'm a Scot married to a French-Canadian (which is good because I could live for days on nothing but bread, wine, and cheese) but the whiskey and scotch is growing on him.

Melissa is the nymph who saved Zeus from his father in greek mythology and in greek my name means Honey Bee.

I've been playing the piano since third grade and it is my major source of artistic expression. But I love to write, bird-watch, draw, and plan for the future. Learning is a great source of happiness for me and I'm always looking for ways to improve the things we do.

My goal in life is to raise a socially/enviromentally-aware family that lives off the land and isn't afraid of a hard-days work. If my future-kids turn out to be farmers I would be extraordinarily proud.
Interests The environment, music, mountain biking, road biking, frolf, hiking, gardening, self-sufficient living, animal husbandry, farming...
Favorite Movies When Harry Met Sally, Blood Diamond, National Velvet, Stardust, Rear Window, Food Inc.
Favorite Music Iron and Wine, Deathcab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, bluegrass
Favorite Books Ishmael, Food Revolution, the Wheel of Time series, The Omnivore's Dilemma, Goat Song, just about anything by Storey Publishing