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About me

Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Tofu Festival Mascot
Location Los Angeles, Ca, United States
Introduction I am a fun-loving, friendly, and "Hip Tofu," that enjoys food, good music, being in the company of good friends, going to different Japanese cultural and traditional festivals.Most importantly, helping to build a stronger and more lively Little Tokyo community, one person and one event at a time. =)
Interests I like to hang out with friends in the Little Tokyo area(Los Angeles), to eat authentic Japanese food and delicious shaved ice with azuki beans on top....yum yum, esp. in the hot summer! I also like to shop at the local community and ethnic stores including the anime and manga store called "Kamakaze Anime" located in the Japanese Village Plaza (JVP), just near the Little Tokyo Service Center(LTSC), where I work.
Favorite Movies My favorite movies are any films that feature Tofu in it. haha. I recently visited the Annual Anime Expo, so I really enjoy watching Anime also. Anima ga daisuki desu yo! "Anime" is a Japanese word meaing "animated cartoons" or any "animated drawings." I watch Anime all the time and you could consider them to be "movies" hehe. =)
Favorite Music My favorite music are any songs or mp3's that contain Tofu lyrics, or bands and groups that have "Tofu" in their names.Isn't singing about Tofu, fun and entertaining? You betcha!=p
Favorite Books I like to read books that contain "Tofu" in it's title. haha. I also love books that deal with Asian cuisine, and especially Japanese cuisine, because I am Japanese, if you didn't already know that by my name. hehe. =)If u know of any books that deal with Tofu, please let me know!

What types of Tofu do you like to eat??? I come from a long line of Tofu, and I have siblings that range from very soft, soft, medium, firm, and very firm. I however am the "family specialty," because I am very flexible.I can be paired with any condiment and can come in any texture! *My question*: What condiment do u like me best with, what texture do u like me with, and why?