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Location St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Introduction I have been married for more than 11 years to my fantastic husband, Chris, and we have two beautiful and energetic children. Evie is 5, and full of spunk and sparkle. Ethan is 2, and has taught me about trains and construction vehicles and Buzz Lightyear - and about sweet boy cuddles. I strive to be gentle and kind - a reflection of the love Christ has shown to us. I don't always live it perfectly, but I am working towards a life of gratitude, joy, and love!
Interests I am passionate about the clean water cause. Almost a billion people lack access to clean water, and I want to help change that. I love to read. I love the way words can fit together just right. I love stories. Books make my world bigger, help me escape, and bring interesting characters into my life. And the most interesting characters books have given me are the friends I've made in my neighborhood book club. I ran my (first) half-marathon in the fall of 2011. I love spinning at the YMCA and running with friends at a local trail.