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Gender Male
Industry Agriculture
Occupation Dowsing Consultant
Location Los Angeles, CA
Introduction I play music, I write, I travel, I work, I live in LA (but proudly hail from Austin, TX). I've played in a lot of bands you never heard of, and I've seen a ton of fantastic musical outfits over the past decade(s). I'm old enough to have a leg up on whatever you've gotten into and young enough to still be cool about it.
Interests Music, travel, other stuff.
Favorite Music Noise, Psych, Post-Everything, Japanoise, West Africa, Doom, Americana pre-1940's, Krautrock, Skronk, Ambient and Dark Ambient, Eco-Black Metal, Black/White Noise and all other colored noises, Shoegaze, Outsider Art, Found and Surprise Music, the hum of my appliances, James Brown.
Favorite Books PKD, Edward Abbey, Lester Bangs, John Zerzan, Feral House Press, Process Books, the Mahabharata.