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Introduction My name is Scott Cooper. Thanks for stopping by! I am an entrepreneur at heart. I believe in the individual, personal responsibility and the idea that each of us are created with gifts and talents that we are to use to the best of our ability – not simply to benefit the collective or self, but to honor our creator, who blessed us with these gifts and talents. I also believe in the rule of law and constitutional limited government. I am actively engaged in the grassroots movement, which is striving to reign in the leviathan we call The Federal Government. I am engaged at the local, state and national level of this movement, known as The Tea Party. I am also engaged in a movement to protect our constitutional republic from a clear and present danger known as Sharia Law. You can find more information about that movement at Through this venue, I will write about many issues. One key correlation however is that most of the problems we face in our society lead back to moral issues. Ultimately, I believe that is the heart of the issue – we are facing a moral crisis in our country. Blessings + Enjoy! Scott Cooper
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