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Introduction Let’s get something straight. It’s not just for the tight uniforms, ass shots, tattoos and muscles that women watch football. Some of us also like complex strategy, clever split second game play, extraordinary athletic skill, the finesse of finely tuned athletes, the unfolding of testosterone on overdrive, and the raw brutality on display. It's a fascinating spectacle and an even more fascinating social phenomenon. When I started learning about football, I looked for articles in the media to help me understand. I was disappointed with the lack of analysis. The quick post game wrap ups - one-offs filled with statistics and jargon, just aren't satisfying. I want to go behind the scenes, understand what makes people tick, look at the emotions, maybe even the uniforms, and read just a little bit more about the art of juking. So, I started writing here, from an unapologetic female perspective, with an effort to include a psycho-social element into football analysis.