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Industry Tourism
Occupation Life
Location Some Where Over The Rainbow, Way Up High, United States
Introduction Just being and trying to stay the course, whatever that means. Trying to do life in the best way that I can. Often, like a stranger in a strange land, I am in awe... sometimes in fear, and sometimes in deep joy. Sometimes, I roll in laughter at the absurdity of it all... as well as the perfectness of it all, which often evades us. I was your average person, making an average living, trying to figure out how to turn my average days into dreams come true. How does one move beyond death, into life? I didn't feel very much like a phoenix, but my tail feathers were surely burnt. How does one pull up the dredges from the bottom of the well, and begin to form this vessel again, I'd asked. Then suddenly I became a caregiver, and life was never the same. I didn't have time to ponder those questions, because life, you can be sure, it is always moving, even when you don't think so, and always changing. You can count on that. Take my hand, let us walk this land in this Journey we call Life. Oh yeah, bring that laughter and some giggles, too, because you're gonna need them. And don't worry, there'll be plenty of tears to go around.
Interests I fiddle around with writing, music and guitar, various and ocassional forms of subjective artistic creation, reading, I enjoy the spiritual and am intrigued by the metaphysical..
Favorite Movies What Dreams May Come, Wuthering Heights, Altered States, The Notebook, Rebecca, Dead Poet's Society, Sunshine of The Eternal Soul, Schindler's List, Rear Window.
Favorite Music U2, Kitaro, Shawn Mullins, Zucherro, Greg Allman, Allman Brothers, Moody Blues, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Uriah Heep, Yes, Emerson Lane & Palmer, Alberta Cross, Frightened Rabbit, Coldplay, Michael Buble'
Favorite Books I read an assortment of books.

You moved the pot before the coffee stopped brewing. Do you smell the mountains or the burro?

I detect the aroma of deep rich Earth...