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Occupation Poet-Crafter-Righteous Babe
Location Maysville, Kentucky
Introduction I live a simply-beautiful and happy life. I have the coolest family around. I'm quirky and tall. I have big curly hair. I only wear knee socks or no socks at all. I love crafting/creating/writing. I home-school my kiddos. My husband and I run I have the meanest cat in town...but I love her to death. The old-timers at the flea-market know me by name...that's cool.
Interests my family. art. poetry. crafting. thrifting. organic. coffee. vintage. ultra-fine point sharpies. good red wine. mothering.
Favorite Movies all the good ones that scare me, make me laugh, make me think, make me cry...make me happy.
Favorite Music ani 'fucking' difranco, pj harvey, johnny cash, alix olson, pamela means, riff randells, avenue d, athena reich, the butchies, antara, gina young, mirah, haley bonar, the hazzards, razor blade kisses, soundtrack of our lives, otis rush, david byrne, electrocute, stephanie dosen, lauryn hill, inspect her gadget, HIM, the ditty bops, the ronettes, mazzy star, portishead, rasputina, red house painters, etta james, jason mraz, erykah badu, tori amos, the murmurs, stereophonics, bionic finger, low, dashboard confessional, wasis diop, the raveonettes, black tape for a blue girl, sex pistols, red hot chili peppers, hole, throwing muses, bob marley, rachael sage, suzanne vega, prince, belle & sebastian, lisa simpson, chris isaak, poe, ray charles, trippy, heather nova, violent femmes, andi starr, none more evil, misfits, lords of acid, erin mckeown, elvis presley, hell on heels, bitch & animal, carla holden, ben harper, garbage, the cure, nin, paula cole, willie nelson, bush, madonna, dixie chicks, thievery corporation, jack off jill, nina nastasia, gipsy kings, tegan and sara, kind of like spitting, maxwell, fabulous disaster, rev. horton heat, tracy chapman, shudder to think, mike daughty, west end girls, staind, love spirals downwards, dean martin, the innocence mission, snow patrol, deftones, chris isaak, bush, the raincoats, sugarland, jack johnson, wah!, sade, the hot club of cow town, the postal service, coldplay, fiona apple, the cranberries, smog, depeche mode, 7 year bitch, juliana hatfield, babes in toyland, counting crows, lesbians on ecstacy, indigo girls, melanie doane, bikini kill, lisa germano, the distillers, prodigy, she wants revenge, the faint, , the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers, the shins, blue merle, the hawk, peaches, the applicators, gore gore girls, betty blowtorch, damien rice, the love me nots, social distortion, ringside, the stills
Favorite Books plath, bukowski, cash the autobiography, aloud voices from the nuyorican poets cafe, blood sugar, vagina monologues, the feminine mystique, the price of honor, elvis books and cash books.