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Introduction Our objective is to encourage class analysis of sociocultural realities and political strategies to transform Latin American sociopolitical structures. We make a conscious effort to publish a diversity of political viewpoints, both Marxist and non-Marxist perspectives, that have influenced progressive debates in Latin America. Top priority will be given to articles that strike directly at the most important theoretical issues, particularly subjects that have received inadequeate discussion or are in sharp dispute. We also attempt to encourage the work of relatively “unknown” students and scholars, and to bring the work of Latin American scholars to the English-speaking world. Latin American Perspectives welcomes strong views as long as they are backed by cogent arguments, are grounded in Latin American reality, and are written to be comprehensible to a wide audience. Readers’ criticism, comments, and proposals are welcomed.
Interests Latin American Perspectivesis a theoretical and scholarly journal, founded in 1974, for discussion and debate on the political economy of capitalism, imperialism, and socialism in the Americas. Most issues focus on a single problem, nation, or region, providing an in-depth analysis from scholars and participants in social change throughout the region. The journal combines studies of economics, political science, sociology, geography, anthropology, international relations, history, philosophy, and culture to offer a vital multidisciplinary view of the powerful forces impacting the lives of people across the Americas. Latin American Perspectives is expecially committed to bringing the work of Latin American scholars to an English-speaking public and to providing a forum for scholars and activists around the world to engage in the most timely analyses of current social issues, structures, and movements and of Latin America’s insertion into the international political and economic system.
Favorite Movies Films and videos suitable for review in LAP are those that contribute to ongoing discussions and debates about transformations of Latin American socio-economic, political and cultural realities. (See LAP Mission Statement ) Films may be any genre – documentary, drama or comedy feature, experimental, etc. – and a review may discuss a single or several related films, for example on a common theme such as immigration or the environment or sharing an approach such as biography or use of archival material.