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Location Somerville, MA, United States
Introduction Columbia, '65; Brown, 65-7; UMass-Amherst, 68-70, only describe when the dinosaurs roamed. Since then it's been a cycle of bureaucrat, teaching, and consulting, mostly in or around Boston, with spins in Chicago and New York and New Orleans. Mostly teaching interdisciplinary subjects and usually including history and literature at the core, although some stints have been in education, critical thinking, curriculum, evaluation, and strategic planning. Consulting has spanned black, white, brown, disabled, young and old, poor and rich groups, at every stage from forming to folding. Started the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center and the Boston Living Center, as consultant, Board member, and living room planner. But also started OutSomerville, the Progressive Democrats of Somerville, and activist communities at different levels. As a former student noted in describing his "diagnoses," "Oppositional Defiance Disorder, I almost forgot that one, and that's my favorite."