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Gender MALE
Occupation Author, Futurist
Location California, United States
Introduction I've always been fascinated by the phenomenon of the scientifically undefinable and yet all powerful Life force energy. Each and every one of us offer proof of it's existence, yet no one has figured it out in over 10,000 years of human pondering on the subject. Twenty years ago I began the research that took me on a fascinating journey and in 2009 I published A View Beyond the Stars. It's a book that explores the birth of consciousness in the Universe. I have a lot of interests and enjoy writing sci-fi and other fiction as well.
Interests Most things interest me. There are things all around us we take for granted and yet we don't understand them. There are big questions left unanswered that effect us all so deeply. I like to try to find those answers. That's big fun.
Favorite Books The Critical Path By Buckminster Fuller; The Edge of Evolution By Michael Behe; Shogun By James Clavell; Shell Scott detective novels by Richard Prather (they really crack me up); A Brief History of Time By Stephen Hawking; Science and the Akashic Field By Ervin Laszlo; The Endless Universe By Paul Steinhardt & Neil Turok; The Discoverers By Daniel Borsan; Flight of the Intruder By Stephen Coonts; Star Born By Andre Norton